Competitiveness in the real estate crisis

Strategies for the real estate industry to remain successful

The real estate industry is currently facing a crisis that challenges financiers, portfolio holders and project developers alike. High interest rates, volatile construction costs and other factors, among others, have led to a reduction in the profitability of real estate projects.

Strategies for the real estate industry to remain successful

The following tips can help to remain successful in times of economic uncertainty and crisis and to maintain and strengthen the position on the market.

 Eliminate time wasters

Productivity is one of the most important resources. However, we are often distracted by various "time eaters" that can affect our efficiency. Time eaters can be, for example, incorrect and inefficient processes or unnecessary meetings. The rule here is to discover time guzzlers and reduce them to a minimum in good time, so that productivity is not negatively affected.


Increasing efficiency through digitization is a factor of enormous importance for the real estate industry to ensure competitiveness and success. By using digital tools and technologies, processes can be optimized and new opportunities opened up. Digital tools such as project management software or online collaboration tools enable project developers and financiers in construction monitoring to save time and money by communicating and exchanging information more quickly and efficiently.


Automation plays an important role for the industry and especially for project developers, as it makes processes faster, more efficient and more cost-effective. By using automation technologies, project developers can automate routine tasks and focus on more complex tasks that add more value to the project. Overall, automation is an important factor in ensuring competitiveness and success.

To facilitate digitization and automation processes, system providers offer invoice management tools such as PROBIS Workflows, among others.

PROBIS Workflows

PROBIS Workflows is the tool for automated invoice verification that offers everything to make work processes fast and efficient. Quality, accuracy and data protection are essential in invoice auditing. That's why PROBIS Workflows was developed to be able to audit at the deepest level, optimizing processes in the process and saving time and resources in the company.

PROBIS Workflows is designed in such a way that it can be perfectly adapted to the workflows of a construction project or a group. For example, any number of reviewers can be set up to be automatically notified when a process moves to the next step. Customizations can also be made to make a workflow even more effective individually.

Another advantage of PROBIS Workflows is that corrections can be made digitally, documented and sent directly to the invoicing party. Once an invoice is approved, information is automatically transferred to the PROBIS project management software to generate an overall view.

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