The value of digitisation belongs to all

We believe that everyone can create value by bringing the real estate industry on par with other industries through digitalisation.

We build the standard solution of centred processes for all data in the real estate industry.

Our mission

Increase business and growth through the use of software and processes.

We believe

To be able to create sustainable value and a better industry.

Our solution

The leading solution ecosystem for financial processes

PROBIS in Numbers

  • 30

    Team members
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Our team


We are an ambitious team of controlling experts, IT enthusiasts and experienced entrepreneurs dedicated to one goal: digital processes in the real estate industry.

Moritz Koppe


Robert Mühlstein


Fynn Setiawan


Markus Ortmann


Luis Escrihuela-Branz


Kerstin Schwenker

Executive Assistant

Julia Laugwitz

Executive Assistant to the C-Level

Yannick Goebel

Head of Consultants

Daniela Blieninger

Head of Design & Marketing

Nikos Tsimpris

Head of Monitoring

Fari Tchahardehi

Head of Sales

Julian Bellenbaum

Product Design

Mathias Ligart

Project Management

Kristof Pfannschmidt

Quality Assurance

Dominik Spielvogel

Sales & Marketing Manager

Elisabeth Hirzinger

Senior Sales & Project Manager

Muhammad Ali

Software Developer

Carlos Barrales Moreno

Software Developer

Benjamin Koss

Software Developer

Alice Nitsche

Software Developer

Darian Pirowhedayati

Software Developer

Rebeka Kukusheva

UX Designer

Ahmed Elgamma

Working Student

Madison Eaton

Working student

Siddharth Gupta

Working student

Ready to change the industry
with us?

We are looking for passionate people to support us in our mission. We value open communication and a positive attitude. Let's build the leading ERP ecosystem together, do good and have fun!

Choose a job with real meaning. We are looking for passionate people to support us in our mission.

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