Frequently Asked Questions

How to show or compile changes from the previous month or a previous report?

Can documents such as orders or invoices be stored in PROBIS?

Can key figures be stored in a project?

Is it possible to plan the use of funds in PROBIS across projects (e.g. at group level)?

Can the projects be grouped according to certain criteria?

Can several projects be compared with each other?

Can user permissions be adjusted according to the user role in the project?

What is the test value in PROBIS?

Does the forecast have to be equal to the order value?

Can the forecast be below or above the payment status?

Can the forecast be under or over budget?

What is the difference between budget and forecast?

Language - How can I customise the language of PROBIS?

Invoice total - I have created an invoice but nothing changes in my payment total, why?

Catalogues - What are catalogues?

Code editor - What is the code editor?

Code/Code Structure - What is a Code?

Titles - How can I structure my titles in a meaningful way?

Supplements - I would like to create a supplement, how does that work?

Data validity - My values are not correct, how can this be?

Establishing a server connection - How can I create a server connection?

Help - I need help beyond the FAQ, the help file and the help videos. Where can I find this?

Import cost calculation - How can I import a cost calculation into PROBIS?

Total payment amount - Where can I find my total payment amount?

Cost report - I want to print a cost report, how does it work?

Colour design - How do I change the colour of PROBIS?

User control - A staff member is supposed to help me edit a project, how can I release him?

Budget availability - Why don't I see "my" projects?

Budget availability - Where can I see how much budget I have?

How do I export a report?

Where can I find training videos on PROBIS?

Can customer-specific information be stored?

How many projects can I work on with one licence?

Can I create a liquidity plan?

Can I represent an invoice verification process with PROBIS?

Can users edit the database at the same time?

According to how many dimensions (catalogues) can a project be evaluated?

Does PROBIS have an appointment interface?

Bautenstand - What does Bautenstand prey on?

How long does it take to install or boot up the PROBIS system?

Who needs a PROBIS full licence?

What is the PROBIS cost database?

How many projects can users work on simultaneously in PROBIS?

What is the difference between a full licence and a reading licence?

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PROBIS intelligently combines all cost management processes in one solution. Always have all costs and revenues under control throughout all phases of a project.

  • Intelligent Developer Calculation
  • Full cost control
  • Risk analysis & early warning system
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