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The heterogeneous DACH real estate market is still characterised by isolated solutions. Therefore, individual solutions for data connections are often necessary, the so-called interfaces.

The heterogeneous DACH real estate market is still characterised by isolated solutions. Therefore, individual solutions for data connections are often necessary, the so-called interfaces. Data interfaces are the merging of software products in different file formats - and this is precisely where the problem lies. Many file formats are not compatible with each other and so data from one software cannot simply be used with another software. The so-called "interface problem" is a well-known issue and is seen as perhaps the biggest hurdle in the digitisation of the real estate industry. New applications and tools are constantly coming onto the market that use different file formats and it is then up to each individual company to standardise these different software and file formats and make them accessible to all users.

This is where PROBIS comes in and offers a solution, as the software API is REST-capable - this means we can connect to any common software. Regardless of this, PROBIS sees itself as a holistic ecosystem for the real estate industry and as a digital platform for all financial processes that requires only a few connections to third-party systems.

And one of the biggest advantages of PROBIS? Data automation significantly reduces the error rate. You don't have to enter any data into the programme yourself. We pick up the data where they originate. There are no more data storage redundancies. The validity and up-to-dateness of the project data is guaranteed at all times when using interfaces.

By developing and implementing ERP interfaces, we link your existing systems with our PROBIS controlling system to form a complete system. Data interfaces ensure that the digital data is always the same in different application areas of your cost management and that no duplicate entries are necessary by the customer. ERP systems pursue the goal of representing as many of the company's own processes as possible. PROBIS offers the possibility to synchronise similar data stocks from the ERP system. Order and invoice information as well as payment information and creditors can be taken into account. Among other things, the exchange of cash flow / cash outflow data between the ERP system and PROBIS is possible.

We also develop and implement GAEB and AVA interfaces. AVA systems offer the possibility to map all processes for tendering, awarding and invoicing in a consistent manner. PROBIS offers the possibility to integrate information from AVA systems for standardised GAEB interfaces. In addition, this interface enables the linking of tender documents, the import of bills of quantities and the import of invoices.

We can also connect your existing project communication system (PKMS) with our PROBIS software. For this purpose, we develop and implement a PKMS interface. The PKMS interface ensures that double data entry can be dispensed with in various application areas of your cost management.

With the future technology BIM (Building Information Modelling), there is usually the biggest "interface problem", as BIM software is usually not compatible with other common software that companies usually use. PROBIS can also offer the solution here. By developing and implementing BIM interfaces, we link intelligent planning data from the Building Information Model with our controlling software PROBIS. Through this interface, the data records in PROBIS are supplemented by the BIM information.

The still most widely used software for cost listing and control is the spreadsheet programme Excel. By developing and implementing Excel interfaces, we link PROBIS to what is probably the best-known and most widely used spreadsheet programme in the world. Both importing data from Excel and exporting data to Excel is possible. The advantage of PROBIS? PROBIS is database-based - not a spreadsheet programme. Excel spreadsheets are an easy and fast way to control budget, orders as well as invoices. During the project period, however, the masses of data become larger and larger and the overview can easily be lost, creating a large potential for errors. In addition, many intelligent calculation automatisms, early warning systems, overviews, graphics, reports and much more are naturally missing. PROBIS helps to maintain an overview and minimise sources of error.

Complex construction projects generate complex and extensive data sets. To make these data sets available in PROBIS, manual input is too time-consuming and error-prone. PROBIS has several import functions that make it possible to import data from third-party systems. In addition to the various individual interfaces between PROBIS and third-party systems, the Excel/CSV. interface is particularly interesting for importing data records. Basically, we can connect to any common software and prepare your data graphically, compare it with benchmarks and keep an eye on it via an alert system!

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of PROBIS and our services for digital cost management, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

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