Integration of AI in real estate development

AI can predict real estate prices and trends and be used for the development, management and monitoring of real estate projects.

AI in the prediction of real estate prices and trends

The analysis of market trends and demographic developments has confirmed that there is currently potential for conversion projects from office space to residential space. This is due to the ongoing home office culture as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing demand for living space in urban areas. Munich currently lacks around 80,000 affordable apartments...

AI tools can play a decisive role in the realization of these much-discussed conversion projects.

However, in order to make the best use of AI-based tools, you need to take a close look at how they work and develop a deep understanding of their complexity. Many people fail to exploit the full potential of AI technologies if they do not fully understand how they work.

PROBIS, on the other hand, a software solution that also integrates AI technologies, is characterized by its user-friendliness and ease of use. The intuitive user interface and clear structure enable users to benefit from the advantages of AI technology without in-depth technical knowledge and to manage their projects efficiently and effectively.

PROBIS uses benchmarks and AI to present customers with the most profitable development or calculation variant at the touch of a button.

With the help of KPIs, asset classes andnd conversion options are analyzed automatically in order to present the best possible development scenario. AI-based precision when converting office space into residential space

PROBIS' AI uses third-party data to paint an accurate picture of the potential for converting office space into residential space. This includes the assessment of conversion potential, insights into the specific characteristics of office buildings and the use of big data analytics to evaluate the profitability of such projects. Potential risks are identified at an early stage.

A potential risk when converting office space into living space is the unsuitability of the existing room structure for residential purposes. Office buildings often have an open floor plan or are divided into many small rooms, which does not necessarily meet the requirements of modern living spaces. KI analyzes the building structure and assesses whether and how it can be adapted for residential purposes.

The analysis can include aspects such as the layout of the rooms, the positioning of windows and doors and the availability of sanitary and kitchen connections. PROBIS therefore prevents costly planning errors.

Efficiency and control

After the planning phase, PROBIS supports the entire conversion process with intelligent AI-based project controlling.

The system adapts dynamically to the current project progress and supports the implementation of the project through automated data transfer and comprehensive KPI determination. During the conversion, the PROBIS workflow engine enables efficient control of all steps: from the automatic assignment of tasks to those responsible to the acceleration of critical processes such as change approvals and invoice verification. This leads to a noticeable acceleration and transparency in the construction project.

Precise target/actual comparisons and analyses ensure that the project meets the planned specifications and quality standards.

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