Property of the month - City Park Vienna

City Park Vienna

Focus on sustainability and flexibility

City Park Vienna, an innovative real estate project supported by PROBIS and Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, is being established in the south of Vienna. Particular attention is being paid to the aspects of sustainability and flexibility, which make the project a forward-looking business park in the light of urban development.

Sustainable development

City Park Vienna, owned by Nuveen Real Estate, one of the world's leading real estate investment managers, impresses with its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. With a total lettable area of around 40,000 m² (components 03, 04 and 05), the project is aiming for DGNB Platinum certification, supported by the use of innovative technologies such as geothermal energy.

Wide range of possible uses

Viktoria Haumer from Nuveen Real Estate emphasizes the flexibility of City Park Vienna. The complex offers a combination of halls and offices that can be individually adapted to the needs of the tenants. With rental units from 900 m² (hall space) and an impressive office wing (office complex including cafeteria), the park offers a wide range of options for companies of different sizes. Roman Löbsch, Managing Director Austria at Nuveen Real Estate, emphasizes the importance of the cafeteria and the relaxed atmosphere for tenants.

Excellent location and connections

The excellent inner-city location between Triester Strasse and Perfektastrasse, close to the B12 and A21, makes City Park Vienna particularly attractive. Good public transport connections, a multi-storey parking lot and additional parking spaces with e-charging stations offer optimal conditions for tenants.

Innovative energy concepts

A core element of the project is the energy concept, which is based on geothermal probes and heat pumps. The combination of solar thermal energy and photovoltaics enables almost self-sufficient and CO2-neutral operation.

Green space design and feel-good factor

City Park Vienna combines business with nature through an impressive green space design. Around 1,000 trees on the entire site and green roofs create a pleasant working environment.

With the completion of components 03, 04 and 05 in the first quarter of 2024, City Park Vienna is setting new standards in energy-efficient commerce. The combination of modern, sustainable architecture and flexible use of space makes it a showcase project and a perfect location for companies.


PROBIS takes over the construction monitoring for the financing bank.

PROBIS supports its customers in realizing pioneering and sustainable real estate projects. We are delighted to be part of this remarkable project and to accompany its progress.

The aim is to achieve DGNB Platinum certification for the construction project. Construction monitoring involves monthly reporting on the construction project to identify potential risks to the financier in accordance with regulations regarding costs, schedules, quality and project organization. It includes careful monitoring of the construction project to ensure that it is completed within budget and on time and meets the expectations of investors and financiers.

Through the use of modern digital tools, important data can now be captured in real time and interfaces can be set up to provide a transparent overview at all times. This data can be used by all project participants to react to potential project risks at an early stage, increase the efficiency of project development and minimize the risk of delays, cost overruns and unforeseen events.


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