Cost controlling in project development with cloud-based construction cost software

From cost planning and cost controlling to the commissioning of a property, cost control with construction cost software encompasses a wide range of services: In addition to cost calculations, order, supplementary and risk management, awarding and billing processes, scheduling, cash flow planning, reporting and, above all, forecasting must be kept in view at all times via the software.

The construction cost software has numerous functions that ensure compliance with your project goals:

Transparency, clarity, timeliness and responsibilities are just a few of the areas that PROBIS provides an overview of. Risk minimisation, structure and cost security can also be guaranteed at all times.


For developers, banks and investors, the focus is on the effectiveness and cost transparency of an entire project portfolio. The cloud-based project controlling of the digital platform fulfils various functions to ensure the comprehensive coordination of all financial processes and the benchmark analysis:


  • Overview of project totals for all real estate projects
  • Evaluation according to n-dimensions (DIN, TOTEX, Society etc.)
  • Possibility of cross-project evaluations
  • Target-performance comparison between individual projects
  • Definition of cost parameters (benchmarks) as a basis for further cost calculations.


Construction cost software offers the possibility of selecting different projects from a portfolio and evaluating them against each other. Projects can be filtered and compared according to any number of project attributes or dimensions.


Example project attributes for cross-project multi-project controlling and monitoring:


  • Country
  • Region/City
  • Fund
  • Editor
  • Function (Commercial, Retail, Residential, Microapartements)


Example dimensions in cross-project multi-project controlling and monitoring:


  • Cost group DIN/ÖNORM
  • Standard performance book
  • Capital expenditure Totex (Capex, Opex, TI etc.)
  • Society
  • Cost unit
  • Total investment costs GIK
  • Component
  • Equity capital (EK) / debt capital (FK)
  • Planner
  • Level
  • Arbitrarily expandable filter criteria etc.



Minimising risks and increasing cost security does not mean eliminating risks altogether. It is more important to identify any risks at an early stage in order to actively counteract them. Construction cost software follows this approach and offers functions that can identify and monitor selected risk indicators. An automated early warning system is created that informs the client specifically if costs are exceeded.


Early warning systems


Early warning systems facilitate cost control and your decision-making. Freely definable threshold values for the traffic light functions lead to error minimisation and cost security.


Order management


Orders as contractually agreed services between contractor and client provide a project structure that requires control down to the lowest level (title level). In addition to the full processing of the data linked to the orders, order management also includes the administration of supplements in the course of supplement management. Supplement management and forecasting on the respective status of supplement management - from supplement provision (reserve) to expected new applications to the evaluation of submitted supplement claims (status: reserve, budgeting, expected, submitted, checked, commissioned and cancelled).


In addition to administration and control, the presentation of orders is an important part of order management. Thanks to the standardised overviews, PROBIS makes it possible to present orders and their structure in report form.


Supplementary management


Supplements and forecasts can be managed via different statuses in supplement management

- from the supplementary provision (reserve) to expected supplements to the evaluation of the submitted supplementary claims. Your data can be tracked via the supplement management (incl. main order with supplements and addenda) and the status of each supplement can be checked at title level with all detailed information.


The supplement is an amendment to the contract agreed after the contract has been concluded. The supplementary sum must be presented separately, as a supplementary claim carries the risk of additional costs for the project. An explicit supplement management with different statuses and a separate evaluation of the supplement claim protects you from this risk.


Title budgeting at each level allows supplements that influence financial planning (expected additional services) to be budgeted and thus controlled. The supplements are not shown separately, but flow into the overall order with the main order and thus form the reliable basis for controlling compliance with the budget by means of the order forecast. In PROBIS, supplements are also offset against the forecast and thus flow into the overall concept of cost controlling.

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