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The digital transformation of quantity surveying and benchmarking processes seems uncomplicated at first glance. You implement the appropriate software and digital cost management can begin.

The digital transformation of quantity surveying and benchmarking processes seems uncomplicated at first glance. You implement the appropriate software and digital cost management can begin. However, it is not quite that simple. The software alone is no guarantee for successful project controlling. In addition to the software, which forms the basic framework of project management, structures, work processes and cost planning must be taken into account.

Which processes can be digitalised using project controlling software?

Where are the potential pitfalls?

What steps need to be taken towards completely digital cost monitoring?

We address these and other questions in the following blog post.


However, the software alone is only a small part of the digitalisation of monitoring processes. Cost security, risk minimisation and revenues can only be guaranteed through good planning and structuring of your real estate projects. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us at PROBIS to support our customers with advice during the implementation of the software. To this end, it is important to take users by the hand for the structuring and optimisation of the digital processes and the overarching control. The expertise of our customer advisory service is drawn from all sister companies that operate under the PROBIS/emproc umbrella. This extensive pool of experience enables holistic consulting and covers the entire range of services for the real estate industry.

We not only provide the software that was developed by controllers for controllers, but also offer the consulting services that are necessary to find a structure together with you that guarantees your project's success. One example of this is the so-called "process mapping", in which digital processes and workflows are worked out.

To do this, it is first necessary to define and plan the role of a business unit and its resources in a project, who is responsible for project implementation and according to which standard a digital business process is to be completed. Definition and optimisation of the digital work processes then lead to the fact that competences and responsibilities are clearly regulated. Time delays can be prevented and cost security increases. By optimising invoice verification processes, for example, cash discount deadlines can be met and unpleasant reminder fees can be avoided.

Data migration

However, very few companies or projects start directly with simultaneous use of a digital controlling tool. Therefore, a large amount of data from ongoing or completed projects accumulates over time, which must first be fed into the new project controlling tool. Since this data often plays an important role in the planning of new projects and the definition of KPIs. And this is where many users run into problems. Merging and transferring data from old applications and Excel files is usually very time-consuming and often brings with it the problem of a lack of data consistency. However, this is the key to cost security. Only consistent data contains the necessary information to ensure transparency and completeness. As a solution, PROBIS specialists check your project data for completeness before implementation and advise you on setting up new digital processes. Even before the start of your project work with PROBIS, we support and accompany you on the way to project success. Establishing the basics before the project starts is our top priority.

Consulting, processes, data migration, process mapping, interfaces and reporting - all these points can therefore pose problems for the successful implementation of project controlling software. We at PROBIS have therefore made it our business to accompany our customers in all these processes and to be available as a one-stop-shop for advice at any time. Our experts have years of experience in controlling to support you in your digital projects. Our services range from cost planning, data verification, data migration, process mapping, consulting, software implementation, training and controlling to higher-level reporting.

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