Accurate reporting and real estate controlling of your construction projects

Real estate controlling allows you to get the best out of your real estate projects through optimal reporting. Evaluate cost data via the digital platform in a comprehensible way and compare costs and revenues with planned budgets.

Why is accurate reporting and property controlling of your construction projects essential to compare costs and revenues of multiple projects?

Evaluate cost data via the digital platform and compare costs and revenues with planned budgets. Real estate controlling allows you to get the best out of your real estate projects through optimal reporting. It should include the following:

- Costs (reliable monitoring of cost data)
- Revenues (revenue planning and control)
- Target/actual analyses
- Budgets (n-determinations can be displayed side by side)
- Legal liabilities (order/subcontract)
- Expected additional costs
- Forecasts
- Cash flow/medium requirement planning
- LTV (loan to value)
- LTC (loan to cost)

Evaluate every level of your project costs through customisable filter criteria.

Revenue planning and revenue control can be managed individually.

Cost data on:

- rent
- purchase
- special requests
- sales
- counterclaims including profit forecasts and profit tracking
- purchase contract documents
- contract data
- benchmarks (e.g.: GFA per use)

can be monitored easily and reliably.
Project developers, project controllers and banks benefit from the comprehensive cost and revenue reporting, with which gross-net settlements can be clearly and individually presented both in tabular and graphic form.

Project-related reporting and real estate controlling

The customised reporting of a project controlling software allows you to comprehensibly evaluate the status of your data in real time and compare the costs with the planned budgets. PROBIS supports you in setting up your reporting system.

The project controlling software provides individual reports on cross-project statistics and analyses, for example of your cash flow, the forecast or a total cost overview. Your key figures are prepared and presented appropriately for controlling. The report configuration guarantees you the necessary individuality in the evaluation.

Reporting plays a major role in project controlling software, as it guarantees traceability, comparability and up-to-dateness of your cost data.

The report configuration is the key to the individuality of your evaluations.

A cost report should ideally be divided into up to six levels.

On the respective levels, your contents can then be selected to structure the evaluation/report.

You can not only select the standardised categories such as "award units", "orders", "companies" or "budget", but also evaluate them using your individually defined catalogues and filter criteria.

In addition, each level content can be filtered even further. You can therefore select which contents of the level are to be displayed. This makes it possible to create analyses for specific contents. An example of this is the analysis on award units, where you can simply pick out the award units you want to check.

Other features of the report configuration include creating a table of contents, filtering levels by applicable jobs, displaying details down to the title level of an order, taking cost estimates into account and displaying net/or gross values.

Once you have found your suitable report configuration, you can save it as filter settings and access it at any time with a click.

Cost Benchmarks

Benefit from PROBIS Quantity Surveying and the customised cost database with individualised benchmarks of your projects. Software for real estate controlling promises transparency, time and money savings through the digitalisation of processes and the associated interfaces.

The individualised evaluation options allow customers to digitally evaluate specific parameters and thus define their own benchmarks.

The flexible structure of a project controlling software allows the company-specific presentation of your cost structures within the framework of the cost database and documentation of characteristic values/benchmarks.

A special feature in which the historisation of entries and changes is particularly apparent is the digital invoice run.

All changes to the invoice can be traced in the invoice history. Not only the modifications, but also the person who made them and the time of change are recorded.

Transparency and automation ensure minimal risk and maximum cost security in the digital invoice run.

In the project history, it is also possible to track why and at what time the project has changed. for core project sums, such as the forecast, budget and payment statuses have changed since the last status.

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