LEONET, Bavaria

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  • Bavaria
  • 2021

In Bavaria, a new fibre-optic infrastructure is being created through extensive expansion work in several localities. LEONET examines and implements the fibre-optic expansion in areas that have been poorly served up to now. The fundamental agreement as well as the close cooperation with the respective municipality are the cornerstones of the expansion.

The company understands the development of a village with fibre optics as a community effort. In order to achieve the necessary quotas for the expansion of a community, we need the support and consent of the citizens.

LEONET AG is one of the strongest service providers and employers from Bavaria, providing over 25,000 customers with internet access. LEONET enables reliable and trouble-free surfing at the speed of light through nationwide fibre-optic network expansion. With a wide range of tariffs, LEONET has the right offer for all private and business customers.

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Software service and consulting for LEONET with PROBIS. Use of PROBIS Control for cost and revenue tracking by the building owner.

PROBIS Features

Here you will find a list of features that were used in PROBIS to realise this project.

Circle Chart Bar Fill
Cash flow reporting
Circle Chart Line Uptrend
Project Clock
Circle Chart Bar X Axis
Custom Reports
Circle Chart Bar
Multi-project reporting
Circle Desktop
Dynamic Dashboards

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Intelligent risk identification and assessment, as well as standardised control mechanisms.


PROBIS guarantees data consistency and uniform processes. From cost determination to cash flow planning.


The automated forecast calculation allows conclusions to be drawn about deviations from planning at any time.

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PROBIS intelligently combines all cost management processes in one solution. Always have all costs and revenues under control throughout all phases of a project.

  • Intelligent Developer Calculation
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