PROBIS Expert takes over cost controlling for neighbourhood development "KonvOY

3,000 residential units to be built on 76 hectares | PROBIS Expert to handle all financial processes

PROBIS Expert takes over cost controlling for "KonvOY" neighbourhood development

  • 3,000 residential units to be built on 76 hectares of land
  • PROBIS Expert takes over all financial processes

Starnberg/Münster 23 November 2021: The Münster-based development company KonvOY GmbH relies on the cost controlling software PROBIS Expert from emproc SYS to control all financial processes for the "KonvOY" neighbourhood development. A total of 3,000 affordable housing units are to be built on the 76-hectare site of the former British barracks York and Oxford. In addition, the site is to include around 220,000 square metres of publicly accessible green space. KonvOY GmbH - a 100 percent subsidiary of the city of Münster - is responsible for the development and marketing of the project.

"Over the years, different data formats for the respective project areas have become established in construction projects. While everyday data formats such as Excel are often still used on construction sites, the commercial players in particular use more elaborate applications such as those of the software service provider Datex. Since we have created interfaces for all these common data formats with our multi-project controlling software, larger district developments in particular can be conveniently monitored centrally with many different software systems," explains Moritz Koppe, Managing Director of emproc SYSGmbH. "Particularly in the case of state-financed projects, complete cost monitoring is inherently important, as such construction projects follow a multitude of special rules and regulations. This is where we can make use of the experience we have gained in the past in supervising project developments under state sponsorship.

The cloud-based multi-project controlling software is used for all financial processes in neighbourhood development. An innovative early warning system makes it possible to keep track of freely definable threshold values at all times using intuitive traffic light functions. With the help of interfaces to the most common third-party systems, deviations from the defined budget can be easily imported intoPROBIS Expert in real time, so that cost transparency is always ensured.

Stephan Aumann, Managing Director of KonvOY GmbH: "The development of the two former barracks areas into vital and urban city quarters "York-Quartier" and "Oxford-Quartier" are among the special urban development projects in the growing city of Münster. Therefore, business management has an important function. Here, a precise budget analysis and target-performance comparisons of different project phases are particularly important in order to keep an eye on the necessary balance sheet conditions. We chose the PROBIS software above all because good support is guaranteed and our individual wishes are taken into account as far as possible.

The conversion of the former British military barracks "Oxford" and "York", located in the districts of Gievenbeck and Gremmendorf respectively, will create new living space for around 10,000 people by 2030. The centrally located properties, which were purchased in 2018 from the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks), are to become an integrative meeting place for all residents of the city after the energy-efficient refurbishment. The large green areas of the site will be closely linked by cycle paths and footpaths, creating an open transition between the private and public use of the neighbourhood. In addition to 210,000 square metres of green space, around 425,000 square metres of residential and commercial space will be created on the total of 76 hectares.



The PROBIS controlling software for builders, banks, project developers and project managers allows cost security and cost control at an early stage of the project and guarantees a reliable starting situation for project cost control, risk management and budget planning. The PROBIS Expert software has been available to the real estate industry since its market launch in 2018.   




Founded in 2014, emproc SYS has made a name for itself with its PropTech PROBIS as one of the leading quantity surveyors and experts for multi-project controlling in the real estate industry among public and private clients as well as banks. With up to 90 completed controlling projects per year and experience from large projects such as airports, hotels, football stadiums and office buildings, the project controlling experts are considered reliable advisors by building owners, project developers, project managers and banks. With its self-developed PROBIS controlling software, emproc SYS offers a complete range of services and clearly stands out from its competitors.



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