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An overview

Essentia works with a wide variety of public entities such as the state administration, regional authorities, municipalities and associations of municipalities, national and international institutional investors, foundations and private law associations, charities and business associations. This wide range of clients gives the company a very global and detailed knowledge of the specificities of the market in which it operates. Essentia's dedication to its clients' needs, which is always carried out with rigour and discipline, its strategic vision for the sector and the company's positioning in relation to it, have not only earned it a high reputation among its clients, who have enabled it to follow a sustainable and consistent course over its 25 years of activity, but have also earned it a wide range of awards and distinctions at national and international level. Our focus We focus on the essential factors of a company that intends to provide the best possible services to its clients. This means that our goal from the outset is to create added value for all those who seek our services. However, this added value can only be achieved by ensuring perfect cooperation between Essentia and the client. We pursue this goal from the first moment a client contacts us, and then intensify our efforts during the implementation of a project, so that every single phase, every decision and every difficult moment takes on a special meaning, through which the final success can be guaranteed. In this way, we create, develop and realise our plans and projects based on unique and innovative concepts that are increasingly recognised in the market as the distinctive Essentia brand. Our inspiration lies in the essence of things. On this basis, we develop and embody new concepts through which new trends can be defined. This is our DNA. Our commitment Whenever Essentia embarks on a new project, we first identify its special value, whether it be architectural features, artistic and craft characteristics, customs and traditions or the specific environment. Out of this realisation then grows our most important commitment, namely to preserve this value and thus the soul of each project and to ensure its sustainability. We believe that every development process - from the conversion of a building, to the promotion of a hotel or tourist destination, to the elaboration of a strategy to enhance the local cultural and natural heritage - is an opportunity to make individuals, communities and territories aware of and actively involved in shaping their own future. For this reason, we offer a range of different services based on our specialised knowledge and strategic thinking. For their implementation, we then draw on innovative project management methods to increase the value and profitability of our clients' assets. Through the professionalism and excellence of our team, we are able to implement new, more creative, sustainable and profitable models of activity and approaches to intervention. Above all, we can add value and increase the exclusivity of the projects we take on. For 25 years, we have been striving to enhance the past, renew the present and reshape the future!

Renovation of old buildings and thematic buildings

One area that ESSENTIA focuses on in particular is urban redevelopment and particularly distinctive niche properties in city centres. We advise and support our clients in the implementation of construction projects based on an understanding of the uniqueness of each individual property by preserving architectural and cultural heritage, thereby creating added value for our clients.

Sustainable hotel industry and sustainable tourism

Another of our areas of activity is to contribute to the development of increasingly sustainable tourism. Indeed, we are convinced that sustainable tourism is the tourism model of the future. The hotel and tourism projects implemented at Essentia are thus in line with the biggest global trends. The sustainability of hotel and tourism businesses is as important as their respective viability. Essentia's commitment in project design and development, as well as in the area of sourcing capital, brands and tour operators, is - from a long-term perspective - to create and implement innovative, new concepts, to establish appropriate financing structures that are not exclusively based on government funding, and to establish lasting cooperation with capital providers and partners involved in management who are also committed to acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Area development, cultural and leisure

We believe that when developing destinations by using tourism for the economic and social development of regions, the concepts of culture, heritage and identity as definitions of authenticity and uniqueness, as well as the concept of leisure as a way of living and experiencing differences, are important key factors for the affirmation of a region and the self-confidence of its people. Based on its in-depth knowledge of a particular region, its culture and heritage, ESSENTIA therefore develops innovative solutions in cooperation with its local partners. Above all, the company creates recreational and investment networks by helping public and private entities to proactively participate in shaping their own future. Sustainability and responsibility are values that we want to link to local economic development by promoting new and innovative public and private initiatives, strengthening local production systems and highlighting the distinguishing and special characteristics of a region.

Our Guidelines

Our company aims to better serve our clients, and sets, from the start, the goal of becoming an asset to those who seek our services. However, this added value is only effective if it's based on team work, between the client and Essentia. This guideline is established from the first minute the client contacts us, and strengthens throughout the project, adding value to every stage, every decision, every challenging moment, resulting in the effective final success. This is how we create, develop and accomplish projects and ventures, rooted in unique and innovative concepts, more and more recognised by the market as an Essentia hallmark. Our origin is in the essence of things, the baseline from which we design and accomplish new concepts and, subsequently, define new trends. This is our DNA.

The PROBIS system

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