Focus on customers

An overview

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Housing Management

The management of our large residential and commercial property portfolio in German metropolitan regions and conurbations is the focus of our operating business. This portfolio comprises 155,000 units and consists of 151,000 residential units and 3,000 commercial properties. We are constantly developing our residential and commercial properties, focusing on living concepts that are as modern as they are liveable for our customers. Our tenants are looked after in the Service Points on site. Here, customers can expect competent contact persons from commercial and technical neighbourhood management as well as letting.


The strategic and operative sales activities are bundled in the sales business. In doing so, we selectively release capital through the sale of individual flats and thus strengthen our internal financing power. Against the backdrop of the current positive market environment, opportunistic sales to further optimise the portfolio quality are also possible.

Care and assisted living

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading providers of high-quality housing for older people. The nursing and assisted living segment includes 72 nursing care properties with a total of around 9,580 places, 71 of which are owned by Deutsche Wohnen. This makes us one of the largest owners of nursing care properties in Germany. We operate the nursing business in two different models: 38 of these facilities (approx. 5,160 places) are managed by KATHARINENHOF Seniorenwohn- und Pflegeanlage Betriebs-GmbH, in which we hold a 100% stake, together with subsidiaries, as well as PFLEGEN & WOHNEN HAMBURG GmbH and Hamburger Senioren Domizile GmbH, which are also 100% subsidiaries of Deutsche Wohnen SE. The remaining 34 facilities (approx. 4,420 places) are managed by various external operators on a long-term basis. Similar to the residential segment, in the care segment we focus on cities and regions with positive development forecasts, as the demand for care places and assisted living forms is particularly high here. In doing so, we pay particular attention to high-quality real estate as well as a high quality of care and support.

New building

As one of Germany's largest real estate companies, we will increasingly contribute to the creation of new residential space in the future, especially in growth and attractive metropolitan regions. To this end, we have bundled our new construction expertise in an independent platform under the leadership of the QUARTERBACK Group, which will implement all of Deutsche Wohnen's new construction projects in the future and optimally complement our portfolio in terms of location and quality. In addition to these business areas, we are entering into strategic participations and offering property-related services through subsidiaries. In this way, we strengthen the contact with our customers and ensure the quality of the services. In addition to technical facility management and multimedia, this applies above all to energy supply. We also want to expand the area of care and assisted living.

The PROBIS system

Projects that have been successfully implemented with

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