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Name files correctly, store them in an orderly fashion, protect them from loss, and bind them to processes.

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CDE Document Management Software

Intelligent file name wizard

The intelligent file naming assistant (DNA) ensures that your files are uploaded correctly named. In a project with file naming conventions enabled, it checks what type of file it is. You will be informed about errors directly during the upload.

The place with the error is automatically marked and the smart wizard gives you suggestions for the correct naming of the file - directly in the upload window. A comparison with the plan key template is thus a thing of the past.

Plan and document key

Defining uniform plan and document keys is the basic foundation for good data management. We will be happy to advise you on suitable keys during the setup process. The selected keys are then permanently integrated into the system. There are no restrictions on the import of plan and document keys.
As soon as a file is uploaded, it is checked whether the file has been named correctly. You want a plan with certain conventions to be filed automatically in order? No problem! Simply upload the file - PROBIS PAVE takes care of the tidy filing in the appropriate folder for you.

Information flow guaranteed

PROBIS PAVE can be configured to automatically notify all parties involved in an upload. Send files including an encrypted link with password protection and expiration date with just a few clicks. As soon as another user opens or downloads the file, you can seamlessly track all steps in the project space. PROBIS PAVE Plan and Document Management thus offers you full control over your data.


You can generate plot jobs from the system without detours and provide them directly to your plot service provider. This saves you a lot of time and, thanks to the central job management, you always have an overview. At the same time, the printed construction plans are provided with a QR code. When you scan this with your cell phone, PROBIS PAVE automatically informs you whether the plan is up to date or has been revised. So you can always be sure to have the most up-to-date plan in your hands. Quality control not only digitally, but also in black and white. For a better overview on the construction site, fewer errors and more profitability!

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PROBIS intelligently combines all cost management processes in one solution. Always have all costs and revenues under control throughout all phases of a project.

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    Intelligent Developer Calculation
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    Full cost control
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    Risk analysis & early warning system
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    Ki-based benchmarking
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