The Future of Building: Sustainability as the Key to Climate Protection

Revolutionary VINZENT project sets new standards for sustainable construction in Munich

In today's world, sustainable construction plays an increasingly important role, as the building sector has an enormous impact on the environment.

The construction and maintenance of buildings consumes large amounts of resources and energy, which is a major contributor to climate change.

To minimize the negative impact on the environment, sustainable construction draws on a variety of resource-conserving building practices, energy-efficient technologies and environmentally friendly materials.


Bauwerk 's VINZENT project is a pioneering project for sustainability in urban spaces. It will be the first wood-hybrid ensemble in the inner-city fabric of Munich and thus a pioneer for ecological building.


The elaborately designed wooden façade with its innovative planting system is style-defining and shows the vegetative orientation of the project. The courtyard garden, a natural biotope and quiet retreat, perfectly complements the concept. 

The project consistently relies on wood as a climate-friendly building material.

Spruce wood from sustainable forestry in Germany and Austria is used. The use of this renewable raw material also has a positive effect on the project's CO₂ balance sheet, as wood permanently binds CO₂.

In total, VINZENT binds around 800 tons of CO₂.

Additional living value is created by green balconies, terraces, roof gardens and roof terraces. An office building is also part of the project and is connected to the residential ensemble by the landscaped courtyard as a meeting point and haven of peace.

The interior combines design and ecology and is complemented by smart technologies that ensure long-lasting equipment. Each parking space will be equipped with its own e-charging station, and e-bikes will also be available for sharing.


The shell of the project has already begun and occupancy is scheduled for 2024.

VINZENT is a groundbreaking project for sustainable and modern living and working in the heart of Neuhausen in Munich.

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